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N.D. Files Proposed Rules for Medical Marijuana Program
North Dakota Ag Connection - 11/09/2017

The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) has filed proposed rules to be adopted for the Medical Marijuana Program with the state's Legislative Council. The proposed rules were drafted to implement the Medical Marijuana Program in a manner that protects the public's health and safety. The proposed rules assist in regulating marijuana, usable marijuana, and medical marijuana waste in order to prevent unlawful use.

"The NDDoH has thoughtfully crafted these rules to ensure patient safety, product safety, and public safety," said State Health Officer Mylynn Tufte. "The department is committed to a transparent process and we welcome the public's input on the proposed rules." The NDDoH expects to file all required information no later than February 1, 2018 in an attempt to have the rules presented in March to the legislative Administrative Rules Committee. If the rules are approved at the March meeting, the earliest they could be finalized is April 1.

Public hearings will be held in six locations around the state from December 11 to December 14. Comments from public hearings, as well as written comments received between now and December 26, will be fully considered by the NDDoH. Visit the Medical Marijuana website at to view the proposed rules, details on public hearings, instructions on submitting public comment, and to receive regular updates.

The NDDoH will not be accepting applications for manufacturing facilities or dispensaries until at least April 1. A manufacturing facility application period is anticipated shortly after the rules become effective. After manufacturing facilities are eligible to be registered, the NDDoH will issue a request for proposal for a laboratory to conduct compliance testing, as required by the proposed rules. A dispensary application period will occur after manufacturing facilities are selected for registration.

The NDDoH is not accepting applications or application information from qualifying patients or designated caregivers at this time. While dependent upon a number of factors, including registration of manufacturing facilities and dispensaries, usable marijuana is anticipated to be available to registered qualifying patients within the next 11 to 13 months.

Jason Wahl has been named as interim director for the Division of Medical Marijuana as of November 1, 2017. "A huge thank you to Kenan Bullinger in his retirement for his leadership in the Medical Marijuana Program and thank you to the NDDoH staff for their diligence in this process," said Health Resources Section Chief Darleen Bartz.

Statute surrounding the new Medical Marijuana Program passed during the 2017 Legislative Session can be found in the North Dakota Century Code, Chapter 19-24.1.

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