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Nebraska Soybeans Forecast at Record 328M Bushels
Nebraska Ag Connection - 11/10/2017

Based on November 1 conditions, Nebraska's 2017 corn crop is forecast at 1.66 billion bushels, down 2 percent from last year's production, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Area to be harvested for grain, at 9.30 million acres, is down 3 percent from a year ago. Yield is forecast at 179 bushels per acre, up 1 bushel from last year.

Soybean production is forecast at a record 328 million bushels, up 4 percent from last year. Area for harvest, at 5.65 million acres, is 10 percent above 2016. Yield is forecast at 58 bushels per acre, down 3 bushels from last year.

Sorghum production is forecast at 14.4 million bushels, down 19 percent from last year. Area for harvest, at 150,000 acres, is 14 percent below 2016. Yield is forecast at 96 bushels per acre, down 6 bushels from last year.

Sugarbeet production is forecast at 1.44 million tons, up 2 percent from last year. Area for harvest, at 44,600 acres, is down 6 percent from 2016. Record yield is forecast at 32.3 tons per acre, up 2.4 tons from last year.

Potato acres of 19,000 were planted in 2017, up 15 percent with harvest set at 18,900 acres, up 15 percent. Production is forecast at 8.88 million cwt, up 20 percent from last year. Yield is estimated at 470 cwt per acre, up 20 cwt from last year.

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