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Top Insights on Global Industrial Food Blanchers Market
New York Ag Connection - 12/07/2017

The global industrial food blanchers market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 4% during the period 2017-2021, according to a new market research study by Technavio.

The report presents a detailed analysis of the global industrial food blanchers market by type that includes belt blanchers, drum blanchers, and screw blanchers. The report also determines the geographic breakdown of the market in terms of detailed analysis and impact, which includes key geographies such as APAC, the Americas, and EMEA.

Freezing is one of the best methods of preserving vegetables. However, if vegetables are directly kept in the freezer, harmful pathogens will prevail in them. Furthermore, when vegetables are kept for freezing, the enzyme action in them slows down but does not stop, and the enzyme action can cause changes in color, flavor, and texture of frozen vegetables. One of the best solutions to this problem is blanching. Blanching is an important process that is required before the vegetables are frozen. In blanching, vegetables are placed into steam or boiling water for a short period, and after that, they are kept in cold water to prevent further cooking.

According to Manu Gupta, a lead analyst at Technavio for food service research, "Blanching assists in the removal of enzymes that induce loss of color, texture, and flavor in vegetables. It also helps in cleaning the surface of vegetables from dirt, microorganisms, pesticides, and toxins. Globally, there is an increase in the demand for frozen vegetables. This will increase the market demand for industrial food blanchers during the forecast period."

There is an increase in the number of food processing plants. Food processing manufacturers are trying to expand their production capacities to diversify into new markets to increase their sales and profits. In May 2017, McCain Foods announced that it is planning to expand its potato processing plant in Idaho, US. It is planning to build additional buildings near its existing plant for increasing the potato production throughout the state. The plant will produce various potato products such as French fries, potato chips, and others. These expansions will result in an increase in demand for new food processing equipment such as industrial food blanchers because they are used in the processing of products such as meat, fruits, and potatoes.

There is a prevailing market for used industrial food blanchers across the globe. These used blanchers are available at a much lower price than new blanchers. Most of the food processing companies prefer high-end food processing machines such as industrial food blanchers to ensure the supply of good-quality food products. But, some of the small-scale manufacturers usually do not have enough funds to afford new blanchers. So, they go for used blanchers and in the process, reduce the expenditure and save revenue.

The global industrial food blanchers market consists of several players. There is intense competition among vendors in the market. Therefore, it is difficult for emerging players to compete with the leaders in the market in terms of quality, technology, and pricing. Key players in the market include Cabinplant, DTS, Lyco Manufacturing, and Turatti Group. Some of the key players are focusing on reducing the competition and increasing the competitive advantage by mergers and acquisitions with smaller players in the market.

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