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Heinz Taps NYPD Negotiator to 'Mediate' Dinnertime
Pennsylvania Ag Connection - 03/08/2018

More often than not, dinnertime in America means time for debate. "According to a recent survey, about 62 percent of parents say they actually negotiate with their kids to get them to eat their dinner," says Jennifer Healy, vie president of marketing for Heinz (and Mom of 3).

But dinnertime can be a lot less dramatic when Heinz Ketchup is involved. Many parents agree that having ketchup gets their child to eat their dinner. In fact, The NPD Group's National Eating Trends found that kids across America eat ketchup more than 3 billion times in an average year -- twice as much as any other condiment or sauce.1

Since running out of ketchup can wreak dinnertime havoc, Heinz is giving away free "backup" bottles of ketchup during the month of March for every bottle purchased.

For times when an extra bottle isn't close at hand, they've tapped someone who knows a thing or two about negotiating. Lt. Jack Cambria, a former New York Police Department crisis negotiator with more than 30 years of experience, is on hand to offer parents negotiation tips designed to end mealtime standoffs.

An entertaining video -- available at and on Heinz social media channels -- brings Lt. Cambria's tips and tactics to life. Parents needing backup also can call the Heinz 24-hour hotline (1-844-HEINZ11) for tips on handling the most common "kid demands" in negotiation situations.

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