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Another Frozen Road Declaration Ends on Wednesday
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 03/07/2018

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is announcing the end of another frozen road declaration, which means the Spring Thaw and Class II road restrictions will take effect on Wednesday. The change takes effect statewide after a similar lift was made in southern Wisconsin last week.

Class II roads include about 1,400 miles of state highways susceptible to damage from heavy trucks during the spring thaw period as frost leaves the ground.

Declaration of Spring Thaw also means suspension of most divisible load overweight permits including permit numbers beginning with any of the following two-letter codes: AC, AG, FF, MI, PB and RF.

The DOT says the following permit types are not valid on Class II Highways during spring thaw and may not exceed posted weight on any road or bridge: AA, AP, BH, CS, CM, GG, II, MH, MP, SA, SB, SM, SS and ST. Transportation of liquid milk products under non-divisible permit type AA is also suspended.

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