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Selling Interest in Selling Farmland is Picking Up
USAgNet - 05/31/2018

Buying and selling in the land market normally follows a seasonal pattern with fewer sales happening during the busy planting and harvest periods. It stands to reason that farmers, who buy the majority of cropland that comes up for sale, are focused on the task at hand and not on other matters. But, the calendar is flipping from spring to summer and Farmers National Company agents are seeing a good increase in selling interest from landowners.

Sam Kain, Sales Manager for Iowa, reports that his agents are talking to landowners who are thinking of selling sometime in the near future. Auctions have already been scheduled for later in the summer and into the early fall time period. Preliminary discussions are being held with additional estates, beneficiaries, and family members who are just starting to explore a sale of their land. Brian Mohr, Sales Manager for the Northern Area, and Paul Schadegg, Sales Manager for the Western Area, both are seeing interest in selling larger tracts of ranch or grazing land due to various circumstances.

The number of landowners talking to Farmers National about possibly selling their land is picking up. Much of the increased selling interest is seasonal, but part is also coming from people needing to sell and from those wanting to liquidate the land asset at this time. We will be watching the volume of sales in the land market very closely the rest of the year as it has an influence on local land prices.

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