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Farm Bureau Welcomes Progress on Water Rule Changes
USAgNet - 07/17/2019

The following statement regarding repeal of the 2015 Waters of the United States rule can be attributed to American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall:

"The Administration has moved its effort to repeal the 2015 Waters of the United States rule to the Office of Management and Budget, the last step before formal issuance. This is good news and welcome news.

"For too long, farmers and ranchers have had to live with real regulatory confusion. Some hear they must follow the pre-2015 rule. Others have to follow the 2015 rule, even though courts have found it illegal. The confusion only heightens the risk farmers and ranchers face in these already uncertain times.

"We applaud EPA and the Corps of Engineers for taking the next step to set aside the unlawful 2015 rule. We urge the agencies to take the final step and right this wrong once and for all."

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