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Cuba Amendments Offered in House
USAgNet - 06/27/2016

The House Rules Committee made in order two amendments last week to be considered by the full House of Representatives during consideration of the FY 2017 Financial Services Appropriations bill.

The first from Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) would lift for FY 2017 the statutory restriction on U.S. financial institutions offering credit for the sale of U.S. agricultural products to Cuba, and the other from Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) would lift the travel ban for a year.

Earlier this week, the Senate Appropriations Committee adopted similar amendments that would make these changes permanent. These amendments were set to be considered by the House last Wednesday, but consideration of the Financial Services Appropriations bill itself was delayed following a spat between Democrats and Republicans about taking action on gun regulations in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando last week.

House leadership decided to adjourn the chamber for recess until after Independence Day.

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