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Australia to See Continued Dry Weather Pattern
USAgNet - 07/17/2019

The latest climate outlook forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology suggests than most of northern half of Australia, most of NSW as well as south east Australia and southwest WA are likely to see drier than normal August to October. A positive Indian Ocean Dipole and the warmer ocean temperatures in the Pacific were dominating weather patterns, it said.

In addition to the natural climatic influences such as ENSO and the IOD, Australian climate patterns are being influenced by the long-term increasing trend in global air and ocean temperatures, the bureau said.

Weather variability is a constant challenge for Australian farmers who are accustomed to the scorching temperatures, regular droughts and the occasional floods. Improvements in technology and practices have helped farmers manage the irregularity of rainfall by conserving and storing soil moisture, as demonstrated by the improved yields in dry seasons.

However, the prolonged dry across large areas of northern Australia is making the current drought particularly challenging. Southern Queensland and northern NSW grain farmers have been battling dry weather patterns since the bumper crops of 2016/17. Comparisons are being drawn to the devastating conditions in the early 1980s.

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