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Trump Signs Agro-Terrorism Legislation
USAgNet - 07/05/2017

President Donald Trump signed legislation Friday aimed at concerns that were raised by the devastating 2015 avian flu outbreak.

Rep. David Young, R-Iowa, said the government response revealed concerns about preparedness, with federal authorities struggling to react quickly and keep those affected informed.

According to the Omaha World Herald, Young introduced the Securing Our Agriculture and Food Act in an effort to address those issues, and the legislation was approved by Congress. Trump signed it into law Friday.

"Agro-terrorism is a real threat, and this legislation takes the necessary and critical steps to protect America from high-risk events which pose serious threats to our food, across Iowa and the United States," Young said in a press release.

The bill directs government officials to implement a program to coordinate the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to defend the nationís food systems against terrorism and other 'high-consequence events' that present a threat to homeland security.

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