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House Votes to Pass Global Food Security Act
USAgNet - 07/11/2016

The House voted overwhelmingly to pass the Global Food Security Act, which will authorize a $1 billion-a-year global program, known as Feed the Future, to address poverty and hunger by aiding farmers in poor countries. The Act passed the Senate in April, and has now garnered bipartisan support in the House.

This development initiative will help continue to increase economic growth in countries with poor infrastructure to facilitate food security, and ensure that farmers in developing countries have the tools necessary to achieve self-sufficiency through agricultural development. The Act will require the administration to develop a whole-of-government plan for addressing food insecurity, while emphasizing agricultural development in rural communities.

The measure will also secure the Emergency Food Security Program, which will be authorized to respond to emergency food needs of communities challenged by natural or manmade disasters, without threatening the food aid programs authorized by the farm bill, such as Food for Peace.

Following this vote in the House, the Act will go on to President Obama's desk where it's expected he will sign it into law.

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