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Obama Asking Republican Kasich to Push TPP
USAgNet - 09/20/2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich took over the White House briefing lectern on Friday to praise the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, an unusual move that shows how hard President Barack Obama will push for the trade deal's approval. The unlikely partnership comes as the White House makes a final full-court push to persuade Republican congressional leaders to approve the deal in a lame duck session after the November election. Both Republican and Democratic candidates have pilloried the TPP, reports Reuters.

Kasich said the deal is vital for the U.S. economy and also to counter China and Russia, and said business leaders need to apply pressure on lawmakers to approve it.

Republicans traditionally have backed free trade deals, but the party's presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has blamed the agreements for U.S. job losses and threatened to tear them up should he win.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the TPP would not get a Senate vote this year, and House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan has said he does not see enough votes for it to pass.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has also opposed the deal, which is unpopular with labor unions and environmental groups.

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