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China Opens a New Chapter in Pork Marketing
USAgNet - 09/06/2013

China is the bulls-eye on the world's pork export target. As the largest importer of all things pork, China can change the pork market with any surge or decrease in its purchasing. To keep its position as the top pork exporter to China, the United States--through the U.S. Meat Export Federation--is turning over every leaf to find opportunities to set American pork apart from its competitors among the 17 other nations that are selling their product in China this year.

The latest USMEF initiative found U.S. pork taking center stage at the Shanghai Book Fair, a week-long annual event which attracts more than a million book lovers. This year, the only break in the endless rows of booksellers was the U.S. pork booth where local culinary master Mr. Lai offered cooking demonstrations and samples of U.S. pork bone-in butt, spareribs, belly, boneless butts, boneless loins and sausages.

Making the event even more convenient for hungry book-lovers, USMEF partnered with distributor and e-commerce retailer Zhengpu Company Inc., to give shoppers the opportunity to purchase pork for quick delivery to their homes at the push of a button.

"Our goal was to introduce high-quality U.S. pork to this higher-income audience that is very willing to shop online," said Ming Liang, USMEF-Shanghai marketing director. "Our partnership with Zhengpu was essential to make this work because, in China, relationships matter. They opened the doors for us to have a display and, for four of the five days of the fair, to have our cooking demonstration center stage."

Attendees at the Shanghai Book Fair had never encountered food at the show, one of the largest book fairs in all of China, so USMEF had a captive and very receptive audience for its demonstrations.

Since many younger Chinese consumers prefer making purchases through e-commerce, the ability to offer them products through this channel was a convenience that can help to attract new customers.

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