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NFU Board Grants Hawaii Farmers Union a Charter
USAgNet - 10/13/2017

Hawaii Farmers Union United (HFUU) celebrated its seventh year at its annual convention in Wai'anae on Oahu and was granted a charter by the National Farmers Union.

The three-day event opened with a welcome from HFUU President Vincent Mina, which was followed by a talk on polyculture of cover crops by Gabe Brown, an expert in regenerative agriculture. The rest of the morning featured talks from Christopher Spezzano on technology in agricultural communities and Peter Salleras on v-trellis fruit production. Attendees had the option of several breakout sessions on agroecology, soil health, hemp production, agricultural policy, and aquaponics.

On the second day, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard gave the convention's keynote address. Registrants then perused Kahumana Farm Fest or attended two optional workshops. The first, led by Mike DuPont and Mariah Raftree, showed participants through the construction of a Korean natural farming chicken house. The other, led by Glenn Martinez, offered insight into airlift aquaponics.

That afternoon, NFU presented HFUU with its charter in a dedication ceremony. To become chartered, HFUU was directed by NFU to schedule a meeting to give members the opportunity to vote upon creation and establishment of the state division. With the vote of the majority of Hawaii members in favor of establishing a state division, a chartering convention was held and adoption of a constitution and bylaws, not inconsistent with NFU's bylaws and articles, and officers and directors were elected.

With its charter, HFUU's president now has a full voice and full vote during board meetings. Additionally, the organization can now seat two officer/board members as delegates at the national convention, in addition to the delegates they receive based on membership at year's end.

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