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E.U. to Curb Use of Antibiotics on Farm Animals
USAgNet - 11/05/2018

The European parliament has approved a suite of restrictions on the use of antibiotics on healthy farm animals in a bid to halt the spread of superbugs resistant to medical treatment.

Europe's animals consume more antibiotics than humans on average, often via livestock feeds on factory farms, where farmers routinely use them as a prophylactic against the occurrence or spread of disease, reports The Guardian.

But with at least 25,000 people dying across Europe every year from antimicrobial-resistant infections, scientists have warned that without reform, routine medical interventions could soon become impossible.

The new legislation, which will become law by 2022, bans the use of human reserve antibiotics in veterinary medicine and the use of unprescribed animal antimicrobials.

Vets will have to provide data on volume and sales of antimicrobial medicines, and imported foods will need to meet EU standards, particularly on growth enhancement.

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