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Canada Suspends Parliament After Ratifying USMCA
USAgNet - 03/16/2020

Canada's lawmakers worked to tie up loose ends in Ottawa after suspending the House of Commons on Friday.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau governing from home after his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau tested positive for COVID-19, lawmakers voted unanimously to shutter the legislature until April 20. The motion included a provision that replaced the old North American Free Trade Agreement with the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

Canada was the final holdout on approving the deal, known as CUSMA domestically, after a year and a half of tough negotiations with the United States, .

Canadian lawmakers previously voiced concerns over provisions in the agreement that could give the U.S. veto rights on future Canadian trade accords with other countries, as well as a new dairy export tariff and the treatment of aluminum versus steel.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said, following Canada's ratification, "USMCA is a great victory for America's agriculture industry, and I am pleased to see Canada's Parliament approved the deal today. USMCA locks in and expands access to our neighbors to the North and South. I thank President Trump for negotiating this deal and for always supporting America's farmers and ranchers. We will continue to work with both Canada and Mexico in implementing this agreement."

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