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U.S. Honey Prices See Record High Last Year
USAgNet - 03/19/2013

Honey production in 2012 from producers with five or more colonies totaled 147 million pounds, down 1 percent from 2011.

The USDA says there were 2.62 million colonies producing honey in 2012, up 5 percent from 2011. Yield per colony averaged 56.1 pounds, down 6 percent from the 59.6 pounds in 2011. Colonies which produced honey in more than one state were counted in each state where the honey was produced.

Meanwhile, honey prices increased to a record high during 2012 to 195.1 cents per pound, up 11 percent from 176.5 cents per pound in 2011. U.S. and state level prices reflect the portions of honey sold through cooperatives, private, and retail channels.

Prices for each color class are derived by weighting the quantities sold for each marketing channel. Prices for the 2011 crop reflect honey sold in 2011 and 2012. Some 2011 crop honey was sold in 2012, which caused some revisions to the 2011 crop prices.

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