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Small Operations Still Represent 1/4 of Total Farm Production
USAgNet - 04/08/2019

The distribution of U.S. farm production varies by commodity and farm size. In 2017, small family farms--those with annual gross cash farm income under $350,000--produced most of the hay and poultry.

As a group, small family farms accounted for about 89 percent of all U.S. farms and 26 percent of U.S. agricultural production.

By comparison, large-scale family farms--those with GCFI of at least $1 million--produced most of the dairy (68 percent), high-value crops like fruits and vegetables (56 percent), and cotton (55 percent).

Large-scale family farms accounted for about 3 percent of all farms and 39 percent of total production.

Midsize family farms--those with GCFI between $350,000 and $1 million--contributed large shares of cash grains and soybeans (36 percent), cotton (30 percent), and poultry (29 percent).

These midsize farms together accounted for about 6 percent of all farms and 23 percent of total production.

Nonfamily farms account for the remaining farms and production.

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