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Agri-Women Announces 'Ag Day is Every Day' Campaign
USAgNet - 04/05/2017

American Agri-Women announces its "Ag Day is Every Day Campaign," and invites farmers, ranchers and consumers to join in and celebrate the fact that everyone is part of agriculture, every day. The campaign is also raising awareness about who produces our nation's abundant food, fiber and energy supply.

The "Ag Day is Every Day" campaign, or #AgDay365, is inspired by and builds on the important connections made on National Ag Day, which was celebrated in March and organized by the Agriculture Council of America.

"American agriculture is among the best in the world - why not celebrate this fact every day? We want to raise up and connect the voices of those in agriculture with consumers," says Doris Mold, president of American Agri-Women. Mold owns and operates a dairy farm in Wisconsin with her family and is a farm management consultant and educator.

AAW members have already been promoting #AgDay365 on social media, in special events and in personal conversations. AAW recently hosted 100 students on National Ag Day for a "Raising Voices Together" social media event. Other events are being coordinated this year by AAW or by its state and commodity affiliates, such as harvest dinners in the field; state fair activities; social media challenges; connecting with consumers at farmers markets and restaurants; working with urban agriculture efforts, food drives and pollinator projects.

The goal of the campaign is for the #AgDay365 campaign to continue on, joining forces with commodity groups, advocacy groups and others.

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