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Study Being Released on the Impact of the Fertilizer Industry
USAgNet - 04/04/2016

Fertilizers are well known for their contribution to the world's food supply, but until now, the economic value and jobs provided by the fertilizer industry have not been known. The Fertilizer Institute announced the release of a first of its kind economic impact study that quantifies the fertilizer industry's contribution to the U.S. economy and at the state and congressional district levels.

The study, conducted for TFI by John Dunham and Associates, found that the fertilizer industry contributed over $162 billion and 515,900 jobs to the U.S. economy in 2014. The scope of the study includes the direct contribution, supplier contribution and downstream positive impact of the entire industry value chain - from manufacturers to wholesalers, retailers and goods and services suppliers.

The entire fertilizer industry directly employs nearly 85,000 people who produce over $68 billion in output. The nation's fertilizer retailers alone support in excess of 43,000 jobs with a total annual payroll of $23 billion. Fertilizer manufacturers and wholesalers combined contribute another 41,000 jobs with a combined annual economic impact of $46 billion.

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