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U.S. Drought Levels Reach Record Low
USAgNet - 04/28/2017

The nation's recent drought, which covered almost one-third of the nation at the beginning of winter, has all but vanished. Abundant winter and spring rains have decimated large regions of drought that afflicted the nation.

On Thursday, the federal government's U.S. Drought Monitor declared that only 6 percent of nation was affected by drought conditions, the lowest percentage since it began its assessments in 2000.

It comes as no surprise that the biggest reduction in drought has occurred over California--constantly in the news in the winter because of storminess. In October, the start of the water year, drought covered 84 percent of the Golden State. That percentage has since plunged to 8 percent.

Storm after storm crashed into the West Coast off the Pacific Ocean during the winter and spring months, unloading copious amounts of low elevation rain and high elevation snow.

The most precipitation in recorded history fell in the northern part of the Sierra Nevada from fall to spring. Some high-elevation locations received more than 750 inches of snow.

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