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Tunnel & Circulating Fans

Circulating Fans

Circulating Fans

Tunnel Fans

Tunnel Fans

Circulating Fans with Aluminum Blades

Circulating Fans
with Cast Aluminum Blades

A good herdsman understands the role of ventilation in the health and performance of his herd. Fans are critical components of the modern dairy operation. Sturdy Built offers a line of high-quality fans for free stall barns with special mounting brackets to help you deliver fresh air to your cows in warm weather. The moving air transfers the heat from the dairy cows, improving summertime production.

Fan Mounting Brackets

Fan Mounting Brackets 1
Fan Mounting Brackets 2
Fan Mounting Brackets 3

Increase Summertime Production!

Premium Quality American-Made Fans are especially for agricultural facilities. Mount easily and move air effectively year-round. DOWNLOAD our PDF literature to see our selection.