Unveiling agriculture's vast impact - 2024 economic insights

USAgNet - 03/20/2024

The latest Feeding the Economy report of 2024 showcases the profound impact of agriculture on the United States economy, delving into details from state-level to congressional district specifics. This comprehensive analysis covers the entire agricultural supply chain, highlighting the sector's upstream and downstream effects. At its core, agriculture not only involves farmers but also includes those supplying to and benefiting from the industry, demonstrating a wide-reaching influence.

With over one-third of the U.S. economy attributed to agriculture, the sector's direct effects are staggering - approximately 24 million jobs, $990 billion in wages, and $3.8 trillion in economic activity. When considering the multiplied impacts, these figures more than double, showcasing a total of 49 million jobs, $2.8 trillion in wages, and a monumental $9.6 trillion in economic activity.

These statistics highlight the sector's crucial role in both the national economy and everyday lives, underscoring the importance of continuous support through policies such as the farm bill. This sector not only feeds and clothes the nation but also serves as an essential engine for economic growth and stability, making it indispensable to both policymakers and the public.

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