Pork producers storm D.C. for key concerns

USAgNet - 09/18/2023

Did you know over a hundred pork producers from every corner of the country made their way to D.C. recently? They were all part of the National Pork Producers Council's (NPPC) Spring Legislative Action Conference. It was a jam-packed two-day event with riveting speakers, including bigwigs like NPPC President Scott Hays and Senator Roger Marshall.

Hays kicked things off, stressing how essential it is for producers to chat directly with Congress members. "Your presence here," he said, "helps them understand the ripple effects of their decisions on our industry and the food on American tables."

So, what's cooking in the pork world? Well, four main topics:

The 2023 Farm Bill: The NPPC wants this Bill to safeguard our food against foreign animal diseases and support market expansion. After all, the pork industry has had its share of challenges since 2018 - from trade retaliations to COVID-19 disruptions. This Bill is seen as a chance to give the industry a much-needed boost.

California Proposition 12: The NPPC believes a federal solution should be part of the farm bill to address concerns stemming from this proposition, especially since it sidesteps science and animal welfare practices.

Trade: In 2022, the U.S. sold pork worth a whopping $7.6 billion to over 100 countries. So, expanding market access? A big yes!

Labor and the H-2A Visa Program: The pork industry is feeling the pinch of a labor shortage. Despite offering good pay and benefits, there’s a decline in pig farm employment. Adjusting visa requirements might be the fix here.

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