Farmers and ranchers - unlocking income through carbon credits

USAgNet - 11/17/2023

Farm Director KC Sheperd recently discussed with National Pork Board's Chief Sustainability Officer, Jamie Burr, the potential for farmers to earn extra income through carbon credits. Burr explained that carbon credits can be earned by adopting practices that reduce or sequester carbon, such as transitioning from conventional to reduced tillage.

Burr emphasized the significant opportunity for producers as Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) companies strive to achieve climate goals. These companies may need to purchase carbon credits to meet their targets, presenting a chance for farmers to sell carbon as a commodity.

As Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) impacts the supply chain, consumer preferences play a crucial role. Burr highlighted the importance of consumers wanting assurance that organizations have set and are working towards climate goals.

For farmers interested in selling carbon credits, Burr recommended visiting the Pork Cares website to sign up for an on-farm report. This report helps establish a baseline of current emissions, funded through the Checkoff program. Burr advised producers to carefully review available options and contracts, ensuring flexibility to accommodate weather-dependent farming practices.

In the evolving landscape of agriculture, seizing opportunities like selling carbon credits not only benefits farmers financially but also align with the growing demand for sustainable practices.

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