US grains standard - Quality over Quantity

USAgNet - 09/18/2023

It's corn harvest time in several states. A crucial player in this process is the US Grains Council (USGC). They don't just support exports; they also keep everyone updated on crop quality and quantity.

Our global buyers trust US agriculture for its unmatched quality. Everyone, from the seed supplier to the logistic company, has the task of upholding this trust. Think of harvest season as a finale to a farmer's year-long efforts. And as Cary Sifferath, USGC Vice President, notes, it's a time when crop quality's importance shines brightest.

However, producing top-notch corn, barley, or sorghum isn't always straightforward. Several factors might lower their quality. Global buyers, for instance, are particular about the percentage of damaged grains. They also watch out for any unintended foreign materials that might get mixed during transportation or harvest. That's why even a tiny oversight early on can taint our global reputation.

The USGC understands this. To help maintain global trust, they release annual Corn and Sorghum Harvest Quality Reports post-harvest, as well as Corn Export Cargo Quality Reports once the corn is ready for overseas shipping.

These updates serve a purpose. They keep international buyers informed about the quality they can expect each year. As Sifferath points out, transparent communication on the US grains' quality helps cement strong and lasting ties with global partners. It's all about keeping our customers assured, so they continue choosing US products.

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