USDA unveils $65M program for ag employers and farmworkers

USAgNet - 09/26/2023

In a bid to bolster the agricultural sector, the USDA is launching the Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot Program (FLSP Program). With a substantial fund of $65 million, this initiative targets the pressing workforce challenges that farmers and ranchers encounter.

This timely program focuses on creating a safer and healthier work environment for farmworkers. It’s all about ensuring a steady food supply, fostering economic development, and exploring lawful migration pathways, including through the seasonal H-2A visa program.

Tom Vilsack highlighted the increasing challenges in the agriculture workforce, emphasizing the impact on food safety and the economy. The program, developed with input from various stakeholders, aims to be a win-win for everyone in the agricultural supply chain.

Eligibility for the program is specific, targeting domestic agricultural employees who meet all regulatory requirements and are committed to fulfilling baseline and supplemental requirements for worker benefits and protections.

Grant amounts vary, with a maximum of $2 million and a minimum of $25,000, determined by several factors including the projected number of employees and the competitive nature of the application. The application window remains open until November 28, 2023.

This innovative program is part of a broader agenda by the president to grow the economy, rebuild infrastructure, create jobs, and build a clean energy economy to tackle climate issues and enhance community resilience.

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