Galvanized Dairy Equipment

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Pre-fab Galvanized Calf Nurseries

Sturdy Built Calf Nursery Kits:

Building package delivered to your farm!

Reinforced Concrete Pad

Pre-manufactured Components

Why Your Calves will Grow Better in a Sturdy Built Calf Nursery!

Insulated Feedroom
for Feed Storage and Bottle Prep
Individual Divided Entry Calfgates
Drop & Roll Rear Curtain
Arctic Front Curtain System
Windbreaker Front Curtain System

The Sturdy Built Calf Nursery is a turnkey solution for raising calves in an ideal environment. The steel structure, the pen arrangement, and the ventilation system have all been designed to enhance the health and well-being of your future dairy cows.

Our unique calf gate design makes calf handling simpler and reduces cleanout time. Individual doors within main frame are constructed of square tubing and provide separate access to each pen. Each calf gates feature two-way latches, allowing doors to swing 180°. Poly panels are removable for group housing, with adjustable bucket racks to allow for simple height adjustment.

We also provide a broad range of galvanized equipment for group housing and robotic calf feeding systems, as well as innovative ventilation systems, to increase calf health and comfort year-round. Contact Sturdy Built for more information.

Improve Your Calf Raising Program with a Sturdy Built Calf Nursery

To see our calf nursery photo gallery and to learn more about the various calf raising layout designs available, DOWNLOAD our PDF literature.

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