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Full Service Custom Fabrication & Production

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Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting

Laser Cutting:

10 KW Fiber Sheet Laser. 60” x 120” sheets up to 1” thickness. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.


High Speed Cold Saw Cutting:

Up to 3” OD tubing and 1.5” solid bar

Tube Fabrication


Small tubing up to 4” sch. 40 pipe or 5” O.D. rotary draw. 5 axis interpolation push bending with variable radius up to 2-1/2” sch. 40 pipe.


  • 25” vertical x 30” horizontal (straight cut)
  • 16” vertical x 18” horizontal (45° miter cut)
  • 10” vertical x 18” horizontal (60° miter cut)


Up to 4-1/2” O.D. schedule 40.

Sheet and Plate Fab

Sheet & Plate Fab


6 axis: From small profiles up to 14’ - 350 ton.


1/2” x 12’ mild steel, 3/8” x 12’ stainless with CNC front gauge and back gauge.

Turret Punching:

Up to 1/4” material, 33 ton 44 station with auto index stations and tapping head.

Plate Rolling:

10’ x 3/8” x 43.5” internal diameter in 65,000 psi steel, or up to 5/8” plate. 8 axis CNC control.

Product Finishing

• Powdercoating

• Galvanizing

• Painting

Precision Machining

Precision Machining


Up to 16” diameter, 23” length with Y-axis & live tooling, 3.5” spindle bore with C-axis.

Vertical Mill:

3 axis: Small, multifaceted pieces up to 84” x 40” x 30” 5 axis: Up to 30” diameter

Gantry Mill:

3 axis:
19.5” x 72” x 240”

Precision Welding

Robotic & Manual Welding:

Welder machines calibrated annually. Certified welders for AWS unlimited thickness. ASME certified for pressure vessel steel welding.

Tig Welding:

Spot Welding:

Mig Welding:

Precision Welding

We can supply the raw materials for your projects or use your material. We are equipped to handle the laser-cutting, shearing, forming, tube bending, machining, welding, finishing, and assembly. Partnered for water jetting, galvanizing, and powder coating, we are a one-stop shop for whatever your projects may require. DOWNLOAD our Custom Fab Brochure below for comprehensive services.

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Custom Fabrication & Production

Whether you need a prototype, a single component, or a production run, we are here to serve you! To learn more about our extensive fabrication services DOWNLOAD our PDF literature.

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