Galvanized Dairy Equipment

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Paragon & Signature Headlocks - Slantbar Feed-Through Fencing - Feed Rail Systems

Sturdy Built Signature Series Headlocks

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Square Tubular Frame Construction
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Hot-dipped galvanized mounting hardware
  • Easy bolt-together installation requires no welding on jobsite

Sturdy Built manufactures standard headlock, slant bar, and feed rail solutions that aid you in designing an efficient new barn or in improving your current feeding operation. Our products are built to withstand the everyday stress of cows at the feed bunk. In fabrication, we use galvanized steel to protect your investment from the corrosive environment at the feed bunk.

Optimize your Herd Management with Durable Galvanized Equipment!

Paragon Series Headlocks
Signature Series Headlocks
Slantbar Feed-Through Fencing
Galvanized Feed Rail Systems

Improve Your Feeding Program with Durable, Engineered, Galvanized Equipment

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