Galvanized Dairy Equipment

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Automatic Head Gates

  • Automatic locking design
  • Adjustable width to fit most cattle sizes
  • Strong and reliable latching
  • Fits Sturdy Built Chutes or operates independently
  • Fitted Hood covers and protects mechanisms
  • Poly bearings require minimal greasing
  • Heavy-duty Galvanized construction

Automatic Headgate with Optional Head Restraint

High Efficiency and Reduced Stress for the Successful Herdsman

Manual Hoof Care Chutes
Beef Vet Chutes
Quad Gate Vet Chutes
Hydraulic Sweeps
Cattle Sweeps for Beef Producers
Step-up Milking Parlors

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Stress for the Herdsman

Sturdy Built Galvanized Head gates and Vet Chutes are loaded with features and built for long life. DOWNLOAD our PDF literature.

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