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Galvanized Dairy Equipment

Manufactured in Denver, PA

Standard In-Stock Pre-fabricated Gates & Fence Panels

Stock Pile
  • 48” x 5-Bar height
  • Female adjustable hinge pins included
  • Galvanized square tubing - 1.75” x 14 gauge
  • Welds are zinc-coated
  • 6” latch stubs
Stock Grip

Need a gate NOW?
Check our stock for the size you need!

Stock Gate 1
Stock Gate Table 1
Stock Gate 2
Stock Gate Table 2

Heavywall Galvanized Posts In-Stock

Stock Gate Heavywall Table
  • Extensive pipe inventory (sizes from 1 ¼” to 8” schedule 40)
  • All in-stock sizes cut to any length you need
Stock Gate Heavywall