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Advanced Cow Management for Robotic Milking

Milk production and quality continue to be the critical elements for success on the modern farm. Proper flow control and cow comfort play a major role in accomplishing this, especially in today’s automated milking facilities. Raise the standard high! Sturdy Built offers a full line of Cow Flow Solutions that will enhance your robotic milking facility. Browse our brochure for a closer look and feel free to contact our representatives with any questions you may have.

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Cow Path One-Way Flow Control Gates

  • Uniquely compatible with various Robotic Milking System brands and layouts
  • Curved, vertical fingers signal cows to naturally lower their heads in passage
  • No horizontal bars to convey a restricted appearance to cows
  • Boss cows cannot block flow with the vertical fingers spanning entire alleyway
Cow Path graphic


  1. -  Curved gate fingers with poly cushion provide greater cow safety
  2. -  Padded, noise-reducing gate fingers
  3. -  Gate fingers rest securely in down position, restricting reverse cow flow
  4. -  Square horizontal beam provides exceptional weight support and stability
  5. -  Clamp-on unit allows rigid mounting and field adjustment
  6. -  Convenient, double spring bolt latch design to rotate fingers to various positions for training, open access, or everyday operation
  7. -  Heavy-duty linkage for responsive control
  8. -  Custom length fit for any opening sizes
Horizontal Flow Control Gates
Horizontal Flow Control Gates
Pneumatic Sorting Gates
Pneumatic Sorting Gates
Clean Access Man Walks
Clean Access Man Walks
Scissors Gates
Scissors Gates
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Efficient and Safe Flow Control for Production

To learn how to Increase Flow Efficiency and Cow Comfort in Robotic Milking, DOWNLOAD our PDF literature.

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